Data Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence – Services

Assess whether you are ready to realise the full potential of reporting through various matrix and in comparison with the clients we have worked for. This includes data Extraction from multiple sources, putting business rules and taking the required data to reporting levels. We model the way in which data needs to be stored at various levels for faster efficient reporting.Enhancement of the existing design by introducing various performance measures right from changing logical to physical aspects of data model.

Business Analytics

We sift through volumes of data from multiple sources and help our clients discover the powerful mantra hidden in it. Descriptive, Predictive or Prescriptive, we provide what the client wants and help them frame strategies in any scale across timelines. We assess the possibility/readiness of use of analytics to aid decision making through various matrixes for a client.We understand from information audits and create technical data models for clients to assimilate information from different sources.

SCM Analytics

We marry our expertise in analytics with the knowledge of supply chain management to quickly identify trend shifts, understand supply chain partner dynamics, understand industry dynamics, customer preferences reducing lead times, increasing service levels, creating better forecasting models, decision models through structured transactional enterprise data to unstructured social media, environmental data.Our Solutions help the firm make better supply chain decision at Strategic, Tactical & Operational hierarchical levels.