Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Resources that Scale

A Dedicated Development Team is a cost-effective business model that allows small and large companies to work independently on projects and tasks. The team is as an extension of your in-house team and infrastructure, and is generally engaged for building, testing and deploying software applications and other IT solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. Offshore teams will reduce operating cost, increase time to market, and improve productivity.

Design and Development

We have a team of dedicated designers and developers that can make your ideas and goals become a reality. We work diligently with you to create a functional product that suites all your business needs. With a great understanding of what users are expecting from your site, our design and development team will bring together creativity and functionality within your personalized framework.

QA and Testing

Our QA and testing team is where our standards in development and design are upheld. Our team thoroughly tests all functions of your project before the official release to make sure there are no problems when you make your first impression with your customers. As the project is released and updated our team will continue running QA to ensure that all updates are functioning properly and that your project is a success.

Rescue your Project

Along with assisting you with managing your business’ projects and meeting your goals, we also make sure that you never lose track of progress and can recover your projects after any type of misfortune. Never worry about missing a deadline again when you have support and resources at your fingertips.