Optimizing your Business

Integrating Technology (ERP Overview)

We provide the most advanced functionality in order to simplify your productivity. Easily keep track of memberships, automate consumer actions and manage inventory along with many other functions. Taking advantage of integrated technology makes management of your businesses core systems much simpler.

Backend Integration

Utilize the construction of a backend database that allows easy access for your web development and programming team. Keep your site up-to-date and modernized without having to shut down for maintenance. With backend integration technology you will be able to update and adjust inventory, merchandise your homepage and keep your site user friendly all from behind the scenes.

Data Integration

Start to organize and make use of data collected from your customers. Too often is the information is undervalued or not available when it could be used to promote growth within your business and reduce risk when launching new products or services.

Web Service Integration

Connect with multiple services to get the most out of your business. Web service integration allows you to provide your customers with the most amenities possible without adding extra stress for maintenance or web application communication with your site.

API Creation

If you are planning to create a new application or you are looking to expand your current application to your external partners, chances are you will need an API. An API can streamline your application core functions, connect securely to a database and allow you to share your data with third party partners. Vivid builds secure REST or SOAP APIs for customer needing external web services for connecting safely to application data including authentication, endpoint management, documentation generation, and implementation.