Startup Companies

Technology Partnership

Vivid InfoTech supports your company’s innovation with 7 years of experience working with dedicated teams across the US, UK, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Mexico, and Turkey. Our proven process for being an extension of your business has led us to be one of the top offshore partners in the world. We use a low risk and high business impact model to offshore outsourcing that will fit any company’s requirements.

Dedicated Extension Your Business

Getting a business off the ground and growing is hard work, but we are here to help! The services we offer come with the hard work and dedication of every member of our team. Let us become an extension of your business.

Project Management

One of the most important things that a growing business needs to focus on is achieving their goals. With our project management services we work hard to make sure your deadlines are met and new projects are being managed efficiently. With a little help, your startup will be exceeding expectations.

Dedicated Quality Control

As you prepare for your release and manage your website’s upkeep, let us help you with the quality control. We want to make sure all aspects of your website are exceeding expectations. A startup must be as true to the ideas of the creators and our dedicated quality control team makes sure that your ideas remain prevalent in our work while keeping productivity high.

System Engineering and Telecom Services

Startups rely on information technology (IT) and Telecom in almost everything they do. It lets you communicate with suppliers and customers, create reports, manage accounts, and connect with the outside world via email and the Internet. Helping if you understand the basics and the key issues needed to manage your business from an expert which will shorten the learning cycle reduce costly mistakes in IT management and data security.

Fast Time to Market

Vivid Infotech gives you the ability work on a 24 x 7 work-cycle that enables faster results and shorter time-to-market for business-critical software and enterprise applications. This model enables you to utilize the established sound processes, frameworks, and methodologies adopted by experienced professionals. Vivid Infotech will help improve productivity and add an extra layer to quality control.

Market and Business Analysis

Vivid InfoTech can help you develop a strategy by working alongside your team allowing a better understanding of your customer markets. Analyzing items such as target audience, market segments, proper analytics tracking, tracking events, campaigns, and goals, and market research against competitors. Vivid InfoTech can also assist your team with many areas of your business such as, defining company goals, strategy and direction, SWOT analysis and digital marketing and sales strategy.